Medical Coding Consulting and Education Services

Did you know that our consulting includes analysis, training, and best practices?

Have you ever used an independent consultant to evaluate your coding, documentation, or compliance program?  Did you know that the OIG recommends periodic outside audits as part of your compliance program?  Did you know that our consulting includes analysis, training, and best practices?

Coding is the highest risk aspect of medical billing and it is the most complex.  Our consulting services include auditing, training coders, training physician documentation, evaluating your EMR, developing best practices for your coding staff, and just about everything coding related in the Emergency Medicine and urgent care specialties.

Nicka & Associates employs Consultants with at least 5 years experience in Emergency Medicine coding and some Consultants have up to thirty years experience in EM billing and coding.  This means you can be sure our consultants are experts and we are sure that they can help your bottom line.  Our consultants have worked on many Payer audits including presenting cases to Administrative Law Judges.  Unfortunately Payer audits are becoming routine in our field, most of them are routine not suspicion of fraud; but all should be taken seriously and just sending your charts in may not be enough.  You would hire a lawyer if you were sued and you should hire a coding consultant if you are audited.

Nicka and Associates provides coding consulting for Hospitals, Physician Groups, Billing Companies, Urgent Care Centers, and Free Standing Emergency Departments nationwide.

Are you current on regulations and best practices of documentation and coding?

An accurately documented and coded encounter is your best defense for potential third party audits.  Nicka & Associates’ educational services team can provide industry updates, insight and practical skills that physicians, nurses and coders need to support and successfully achieve both compliance and reimbursement goals.

Provider and nursing education includes and addresses topics:

  • Risk Aversive /Best Practices documentation
  • CMS and CPT documentation guidelines
  • Evaluation Management / Medical Decision Making documentation
  • Critical Care
  • Observation Services
  • Procedural documentation
  • Infusion / Injections (Nursing)
  • Teaching Physicians, Residents and Physician Extender regulations
  • ICD-10 Documentation

Coder education offerings address:

  • Overview of Payer Specific CMS and CPT Coding Guidelines
  • Evaluation Management / Medical Decision Making coding
  • Procedure coding
  • Modifier specific applications
  • Teaching Physician, Residents and Physician Extender coding requirements
  • ICD-10

What Sets Us Apart?

  • 1. Unique Expertise

    Coding requires a unique expertise and just like receivables management requires specialized knowledge; NAI has specialized in just coding for 15 years.

  • 2. Accuracy

    Accuracy of coding and turnaround time have a direct impact on cash flow, NAI offers 2-3 day turnaround on coding.

  • 3. Coder Certification

    All NAI coders are certified, have over three years’ experience, and have to meet rigorous NAI testing and QA requirements to maintain their position with NAI.

  • 4. Provider Education

    NAI provides documentation feedback and training so your providers have the “best practices” when it comes to medical record completion.

  • 5. Unique Technology

    Through our coding platform we integrate with EMRs and Billing Systems via HL7 ensuring a seamless integration for all parties involved.