The Nicka Difference

  • We hire only experienced, certified highly skilled coders that pass our rigorous testing.
  • Our staff is always up to date on the latest initiatives and guidelines to ensure strict compliance with all state and federal regulations.
  • We can handle all payer specific rules including unique contractual coding requirements.
  • We have an active internal compliance program to audit our coders regularly and ensure high coding accuracy standards are achieved and maintained.
  • Our coding turn around benchmark is two to three business days from receipt.
  • Nicka medical coding fees are based on a per chart flat rate.  If your current coding and billing service is based on a percentage of collections or other percentage arrangement, this can create a conflict in interest and compliance risk for you.  Separation of coding and billing functions eliminates this risk.
  • Documentation feedback is included as part of our coding service product.  Our clients have the option of customizing the level of feedback to meet your practice improvements goals.