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  • Coding requires a unique expertise and just like receivables management requires specialized knowledge; NAI has specialized in just coding for 15 years.
  • Accuracy of coding and turnaround time have a direct impact on cash flow, NAI offers 2-3 day turnaround on coding.
  • All NAI coders are certified, have over three years’ experience, and have to meet rigorous NAI testing and QA requirements to maintain their position with NAI.
  • NAI provides documentation feedback and training so your providers have the “best practices” when it comes to medical record completion.
  • Time is Money, because our certified coders do not have any other HIM responsibilities they can turnaround coding faster.
  • Our coders use your coding profiles and enter coding directly into your system providing real time updating for faster billing.
  • NAI can provide documentation training for Nurses and Doctors to ensure all applicable charges are captured in each chart.
  • NAI specializes in providing coding assistance on short notice for those certain times when your volume grows suddenly.
  • We can cover FMLA, Vacations, and unexpected emergencies when your coding volume exceeds your resources.
  • NAI can usually start coding for you as soon as you can provide access to your charts.
  • Yes, NAI can help you code the professional CPT and HCPCS codes associated with Urgent Care encounters.
  • NAI can help you refine your EMR or Superbill to improve your data capture.
  • NAI can train your staff to code your charts on site in real time to collect at the time of service.
  • Yes, we were one of the first in the business to provide coding for FSEDs.
  • NAI can help you improve your documentation and data capture to ensure maximum reimbursement.
  • Even if you code some or all of your charts in-house we offer training and education to keep your staff up on the latest rules and regulations.
  • Yes, we offer Professional and Facility coding audits.
  • NAI offers CPT, HCPCS, ICD, and Documentation audits on a one time basis or save money and contract for quarterly or monthly audits.
  • NAI also offers shadow coding, this is less expensive than an audit.  NAI codes charts you supply (electronically or paper), you compare our coding to yours and you can call our help line to discuss discrepancies between our coding and yours and review the details of specific charts to see what drove the differences.

NAI offers a Help Desk solution. You can subscribe to the service or reserve time for one call. You can have as many folks as you like attend on your side of the call, and our help desk charges in 15-minute increments.

  • Unlike many of our competitors, NAI offers coding directly into our Clients’ systems or system of their choice. This avoids costly interface applications, provides quicker coding turnaround time which equates to faster cash.
  • Our Coders have experience with most popular EMR’s including being experts with EPIC.
  • Our specialized EPIC team provides expert support identifying best practices for EPIC set up to protect your revenue. When using EPIC one should consider the many options EPIC offers and we can help you select the best options for providers and coders alike.
  • We do not endorse any particular EMR and we have experience with many. You select the EMR that is best for you and we assist.